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Currencies and Borders: Why would the Scots want the Pound?28th April 2014

Just like all full-blooded Englishmen I have a view on Scottish independence. Putting aside my annoyance at Mel Gibson for his inaccurate Hollywood portrayal of history, there has been plenty of justifiable historic animosity. But cross-border raiding seems now to run wholly in the Scots favour, with their elected representatives inappropriately shifting the balance of power in Westminster on solely English issues. This Westminster vote-rigging is not the fault of the Scots, just the

When the Music Stops23rd June 2013

Every time I raise sincere doubts, they have a habit of coming to pass, and to do so pretty quickly. I'm not claiming a track record here, and I'd rather be right about good news, but lets aim to keep the run of fortune running. Having called the trouble in Cyprus (see here) a few weeks before it happened, a fortnight ago I blogged that "...the big debate over inflation versus deflation is not yet concluded, and the powers that be may simply have done a great job of sustaining the