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To Infinity and Beyond!18th August 2013

Not since Buzz Lightyear hit the big screen has so much anticipation erupted over the capabilities of one character. With his exciting new space-ranger feature set seemingly consigning more conventional toys to the cupboard, Buzz even believed that he could fly - and if you have wings, well why not believe it to be so! The dashing Mr Carney has now arrived at the Bank of England, and has been busy displaying his very own space-ranger feature set. Such is the excitement over forward guidance

Time is Money28th April 2013

Having an hour to burn in the City last week I headed off to the Bank of England, to find out what they have been doing to our money since 1694. Plenty of opportunity to do things right, and wrong, over that time. The Bank of England Museum is well worth a visit. Try to lift a gold bar; learn about the evolution of the site to the current curtain-walled edifice; how a sewer-worker proved to the bank's Directors that he could access their bullion vaults whenever he wanted; and a remarkably

Be Prepared: The Game Has Changed8th April 2013

Spring is in the air, and my daffodil bank has been having a terrific year, indeed the best for some time. Bulbs are clever things, storing their energy to create an annual flush of pleasure, before quietly regrouping, replenishing their reserves in preparation for the next, even stronger, annual flush. But away from nature, mankind has been playing, and carefree economics is causing casualties, as we forget to replenish our reserves. Spring carried a bitter economic twist for Cypriots. For

Lemmings and the Cliff: The false obsession with GDP8th January 2013

What a start to 2013! In the United States days were extended to fit political need, so that those looking to “sustain growth” could rejoice in the half-baked fiscal fudge that’ll last for a couple of months at best. In the UK doomsters have proclaimed that weakness in the service sector will undoubtedly lead to a “triple-dip” recession. Just think how many months of joy the media will have speculating and almost celebrating if that comes to pass! Governments and established media