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When the Music Stops23rd June 2013

Every time I raise sincere doubts, they have a habit of coming to pass, and to do so pretty quickly. I'm not claiming a track record here, and I'd rather be right about good news, but lets aim to keep the run of fortune running. Having called the trouble in Cyprus (see here) a few weeks before it happened, a fortnight ago I blogged that "...the big debate over inflation versus deflation is not yet concluded, and the powers that be may simply have done a great job of sustaining the

Intergenerational inequity10th June 2013

Lets cure unemployment in one go. I know that the issue is wrestled with by so many great minds, but in Britain, at least in the month of May, it should be entirely possible. May  is the month that our gardens spring into growth, and I for one, despite manfully battling root, branch and tree, with long hours cutting, sawing, slashing and trimming, have been fighting a losing battle that has stretched into June. The perfect opportunity to grab a few willing people to earn a little cash