Reap the rewards! Business is war; dog eat dog, survival of the fittest. Everything a business does should be tuned to optimum degree, from sales and purchasing to pricing and margins and business efficiencies. The processes and interactions used to get there deserve attention.


Decisive improvements …

Changes in sales, costs, margins or the way in which financial and human resources are applied can transform the evolution of a good business.

But habits form, and things continue to be done the way they have always been done. This can hold back cash generation, profitability, expandability, and make a business more prone to competitive threats.

From purchasing, manufacturing, value-added processes, pricing, marketing, seasonality, staff effectiveness, premises optimisation and more there are a myriad of themes that every business should carefully consider and review.

Most business teams are fully capable of doing this if shown and encouraged along the way, and FYI have a range of formal and informal processes to make this happen.

FYI … Commercial improvement and problem solving.