Whether you need a "helicopter" or detailed view of the business, we bring a fresh focus to achieve maximum impact. We select the right priorities to respond to your specific goals. Few tasks fall precisely into one category, so we often use the breadth of our skills even on a very specific brief.

our areas of expertise

Business Economics, Strategy, Analysis, Productivity & Finance …

All our experiences and services can be applied together to work on many different scenarios. We frequently become involved in:

  • Commercial improvement & problem solving
  • Financial forecasting & business plans
  • Maximising profit & optimising cashflow
  • Bank relationships & negotiations
  • Crisis and turnaround management
  • Developing business strategies, identifying & implementing change
  • Establishing management information systems, effective accounts analysis & procedures
  • Assessing projects, divisions and product lines for risk, viability and impact
  • Financial structuring
  • Buy-out or buy-in preparations
  • Benchmarking
  • Part time & interim management / Executive
  • Acquisitions, mergers, disposals
  • Special projects

FYI … Action, Inspiration, Results!