Introducing The Sellability Score27th October 2013

report+Logo+No+background+small-1Why are you in business? Besides the freedom, joy and trauma there are likely to be some lifetime financial goals which, when the time comes, need to be maximized for you and your family.

So all of us in business should plan well in advance for unlocking that opportunity. That’s where The Sellability Score comes in, to help you increase its Sellability as you grow your business.

Of course a strongly sellable business tends to be a desirable business; desirable not just because it is successful, but because it enjoys key attributes. Identifying and improving these key attributes can make a business more valuable and more fun to run.


So how do we unlock this Sellability?

Our FYI website now carries a powerful online business assessment tool which will show you how easy, or challenging, it is likely to be to sell your business if you were to put it on the market today.

In only a few minutes this tool will give you a precise “sellability score”, a little like a medical scan of your business, to help identify;

  • How to build your business into a valuable, saleable asset that can run without you.
  • Steps you can take today to reduce the hours you are personally involved in your business, whilst boosting the profitability and value of your business.
  • How to get more freedom and profit out of your business in the short term, and how to build an asset that you can sell or pass on in the long term.

Whether you dream of selling your business one day, or just wish for greater success with fewer challenges, the Sellability Score is for you. The real value of the Sellability Score isn’t just as a tool to help plan the sale of your business, but as a tool that will help you in the running of your business, long before you plan to sell.


So what’s the process?

Just take the free assessment, which should only take you around 15 minutes. On completing it you’ll receive an immediate score. The score is calculated by algorithms drawn from global business experience, analyzing the following issues;

  • Financial performance, risk and return,
  • Growth potential and scalability,
  • Over-reliance upon single customers, employees and suppliers,
  • Flows of profit versus cash,
  • Recurring revenue,
  • Protective control and differentiation,
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Personal dependency upon you.

At FYI we’ll receive a detailed 27 page report, breaking down your score in these eight areas, how this benchmarks to your industry, and pointers on why this is the case, what it means, and how to work on improving your score.

We’ll be in touch to discuss your score, and ideally to meet up, discuss the detailed report and explain how we can support you to get the best out of the process, retaking the score as you achieve milestones in your business.

If you like the way we work we can help fulfill your destiny when the day comes to truly test the Sellability of your business in the marketplace.

Why not take it now? Your free questionnaire is here.

If you’d like a little more information before taking the plunge, please watch the video here.