1963 to 1981: Devon born and bred

1982 to 1992: Lloyds Banking Group; retail, investment & commercial banking

1993 to 1997: Founded Fin Man Services, business troubleshooting & fundraising. MBA studies

1996 to 2000: Group Finance Director, Orchard Media Ltd

2000 to 2004: Commercial & Finance Director, Let's Go Travel Ltd

2004 to 2012: Founded Fin Man Solutions.

2012 onwards: Founded FYI Business Economics Ltd

who we are

Delivered with a smile …

Drawing on years of experience climbing the ladder of different industries – “been there, done that” – we can help complete the business team.

“We” is our MD Robert Pocock, whose timeline is set out above, and other varied professionals that we can pull if appropriate to support various tasks. However, whatever the scale of the project you will receive the vast majority of input directly from Robert.

We are widely experienced in providing support services to clients in rapidly changing situations. Robert built solid experience through commercial banking, business consultancy and, most importantly, two decades of “doing it himself” in real industries.

That experience provides him with an ability to make rapid assessments and a genuine understanding of the many pressures that bear down on small, medium and large businesses as they seek to develop.

Operating as a full time hands-on Commercial and Group Finance Director for two well known South West businesses, Robert spent five years at each, helping to quadruple profits at the first to over £1m before selling it for £25.6m, and growing the other from sales of £5m to £50m, seeing the business become one of the UK’s fastest growing and multi-award winning companies.

As you would expect, he knows the balance between commercial enterprise, innovation and the planning and controls necessary to drive a business towards success, and the hurdles likely to be encountered en route.

Now, more than ever, many businesses could really benefit from the depth and focus that a senior finance and commercial professional can provide, but can’t justify employing them full time.

In addition to commercial, financial and executive skills, Robert has generated significant experience in working with project teams, developing successful cultures, marketing, sales management, brands, and the appropriate use of technology.

Whether working alone, or with a team of people brought together for a specific project, we are focused on generating the results that make a real difference, enhancing your confidence and control in business during challenging times.