1963 to 1981: Devon born and bred

1982 to 1992: Lloyds Banking Group; retail, investment & commercial banking

1993 to 1997: Founded Fin Man Services, business troubleshooting & fundraising. MBA studies

1996 to 2000: Group Finance Director, Orchard Media Ltd

2000 to 2004: Commercial & Finance Director, Let's Go Travel Ltd

2004 to 2012: Founded Fin Man Solutions.

2012 onwards: Founded FYI Business Economics Ltd


A few kind words …

Simon Rous – Chairman, Ashfords:

“Robert and I have had the pleasure of working on a number of successful deals together. As a deep thinker he adds rigour to any analysis. Commercially his grip on the separate financial, business and legal detail, and the overlap between them pulls projects together and makes them happen.”


Simon Maunder – Managing Director, Lets Go Travel Ltd:

“When you face a succession of challenges in business, traditional solutions don’t suffice.

We have faced over half a dozen major negative external influences on our industry over the past 5 years. Yet we managed to grow ten fold in that time frame, where most of our competitors would have been happy just to maintain their business levels, rather than go backwards as most have.

To be good at what you do isn’t enough; you need to be exceptional to deliver that level of growth in a tough market. Through Robert’s logical yet innovative interpretation of the business and the opportunities, we thrived.

To fix a problem in business, you first need to truly understand it. Robert certainly can do that, but his clever trick is showing you the problem and a fix for it too; often a brilliant one at that!

Robert remains an active ‘thinking outside of the box’ Director who continues to deliver – a rare person indeed!”


David Rodgers – Chief Executive, Orchard Media Ltd:

“Robert has been responsible for the control and development of several businesses that I’ve run. He turned a distressed finance department completely around, rebuilding confidence with our bankers and sharpening up the company’s financials, helping us achieve an exit of over 20 times investment.

 I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a man of outstanding ability and utmost integrity.”


Roger Wilkinson – Managing Director, Wilkinson Grant & Co Ltd:

“As a business owner, employing over thirty people, operating in the very competitive and volatile property market, it is often difficult to find the time to understand what’s going on in the economy; how it affects our business and how we can maintain profitability and plan ahead with confidence in what are very challenging times.

Robert has worked closely with us for over 6 years, helping us focus on key business principles, monitoring performance and making adjustments to adapt to changes in the economy in general and in our own sector of business – enabling us to build profits and plan for growth at a time when many other agencies are struggling.

His active involvement has enabled us to concentrate fully on the day-to-day business in the knowledge that our finances are under control. I believe Robert’s understanding of fundamental economics and how to apply it in business would be invaluable to any business – large or small.”


Allan Vodden – Chairman, Chimney Holdings Group:

“I have no hesitation in adding to Robert’s impressive list of testimonials. Over many years I have seen the quality of his input, (not just financial) to add real value to formulating strategy and more importantly its successful implementation. With Rangemoors Ltd the MBO negotiations with the vendor were led by him as was the successful raising of funding. In the subsequent 5 years Robert has been a valued non-executive Director, plus in addition he provides consultancy services, where he has a particular skill to analyse and drill down on solution requiring issues. An asset to the business.