1963 to 1981: Devon born and bred

1982 to 1992: Lloyds Banking Group; retail, investment & commercial banking

1993 to 1997: Founded Fin Man Services, business troubleshooting & fundraising. MBA studies

1996 to 2000: Group Finance Director, Orchard Media Ltd

2000 to 2004: Commercial & Finance Director, Let's Go Travel Ltd

2004 to 2012: Founded Fin Man Solutions.

2012 onwards: Founded FYI Business Economics Ltd

our standards

Polished …


Just like you, we are driven by and hungry for your success. Often we find that one-off project work builds long-term ongoing strong business relationships with our clients.

Our reputation is built on working closely alongside our clients, getting under the skin of their business to enhance it’s performance, and genuinely being seen as a member of the team, celebrating success and challenging indifference.

You’ll find that we don’t just produce a report, but welcome the chance to work with you to implement and track the agreed initiatives and achieve the desired results.

We provide a responsive, unique service encompassing a broad range of skills, knowledge, experience and practical implementation, backed by a truly positive track-record.

The service is flexible. A variety of charging structures can be applied, ranging from straight in-and-out hourly rates, to fixed price or term contracts.

We are happy to be judged on results, so performance related projects, where the fee is reduced initially, plus a success fee based on agreed targets and methods, can also be negotiated.