1963 to 1981: Devon born and bred

1982 to 1992: Lloyds Banking Group; retail, investment & commercial banking

1993 to 1997: Founded Fin Man Services, business troubleshooting & fundraising. MBA studies

1996 to 2000: Group Finance Director, Orchard Media Ltd

2000 to 2004: Commercial & Finance Director, Let's Go Travel Ltd

2004 to 2012: Founded Fin Man Solutions.

2012 onwards: Founded FYI Business Economics Ltd

about fyi

A quick signpost …

FYI Business Economics Ltd was founded by Robert Pocock and operates from our base in Exeter. Robert’s background can be seen on the slider timeline above.

We work with a happy band of satisfied clients and professional teams across the Westcountry and central London, occasionally working on projects with an international flavour.

Our focus is on business planning and improvement, through applying what we call “Business Economics”,  positive strategy, revealing analysis, and the appropriate financial structures.

Our practical commercial approach is delivered in a constructive and accessible manner, and many of our business relationships have become long-term.

Our MD Robert Pocock also holds various Non Executive Director roles, and is Chairman of the Devon Design Guild.