2013 Top Ten28th December 2013

shutterstock_5607295Just as a collection of bright ties is a matter of taste, of hits and misses, one year on from the launch of FYI’s website its time to highlight the hits that have drawn the most attention.

So if you’ve had neither time nor inclination to wade through the lot, here are the edited highlights of 2013:

Economic Blogs:

1st: The Hobbit: Tolkien the Economic Libertarian?

Drawing global interest and recommendation. Proving that you can’t beat contemporary relevance.

2nd: The Economics of Daily Bread

Voted the top economic blog of the week, beating The Washington Post into 3rd place! Examining the lessons we have failed to learn since the French revolution.

3rd: Surprised by Cyprus? You shouldn’t be

Basking in the glory of predicting the Cyprus problem just a few weeks earlier, when everyone else was looking the other way.

4th: Be Prepared: The Game Has Changed

A guide to surviving in a world of bankrupt states.

5th: Lemmings and the Cliff: The false obsession with GDP

The utter irrelevance of the state and media’s measure of a successful economy.

6th: A Parable for Europe: The Tower of Babel

Some biblical fun at the expense of the EU.

7th: The Economics of Daily Bread Part 2

The follow-up to top blog of the week, which itself made the Economic Research Council’s No.3 slot.

8th: The Europe of Broken Dreams, Part 1: An introduction to the Modern Monetary System

Part 1 of my magnum opus, topping a series of 5 on leveraged banking, baffling borrowings and financial repression. Read it if you really want to understand whats going on.

9th: Frederic Bastiat: The Broken Window

The best economist by far, with his best sketch, explaining the simple folly of economic society.

10th: Corporations: No Taxation without Representation

Popular because it struck so many chords. Read it and you’ll see how full gainful employment needn’t be just a dream.

11th: The Trouble with Inflation

I know, I’ve gone beyond ten, but for anyone wanting to understand inflation statistics, this is the real deal.

12th: The Europe of Broken Dreams, Part 5: Default

The tail end of the magnum opus, closing the serious analysis with words that all should ponder.

Of course besides my economic blogs, the selection of Business Articles drew inspiration for many in business, and has been actively used by both clients and the curious in their thirst for improvement:

1st: Troubleshooting:

Proving that hard times aren’t over yet … and the wise know that coming out of recession is often tougher on cashflow than going in.

2nd: Increasing the value of your business

Who wouldn’t want to?

3rd: Financial Forecasting

An essential component in any business, looking ahead! 

4th: Introducing the Sellability Score

A service as much as an article … an invaluable aid to many who sought to think “outside the box” about their business.

5th: Pricing

A new kid on the block, only published in November, but invaluable to marketing strategy.

And as for 2014? No doubt there will be much to say, and like any good businessman, I shall seek to focus on what really matters…